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Think outside the box this holiday season or on any gift-giving occasion with a gift that challenges, inspires and educates all at once. Our 3D puzzle collection features brain teasers for just about every skill level, age group and interest. From carousels to cash registers and from tugboats to steam trains, our store boasts a wooden model kit for everyone on your wish list, making a gift card the perfect way to say you care.

The Universal Gift

People say gift cards are impersonal, but at UGEARS, we believe they’re a guarantee that the recipient will love what’s inside the package. Each 3D puzzle is made of natural fragrant plywood, comes with step-by-step instructions, is fun to assemble and results in an educational finished product. Most puzzles are inspired by steam-punk fantasy and boast visible mechanical gears that provide a fascinating view from every angle. To gift something that is truly unforgettable and that the recipient will want to hold onto for a lifetime, gift a UGEARS.US gift card.  

Gift Cards

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