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UGears Models

Made of high-grade wooden materials and not requiring any glue or other tools to assemble, UGEARS 3D puzzle models have been entertaining kids and adults since 2014. Our goal is to get many generations together to improve relationships and learn hands-on skills that result in endless hours of fun. Although electronics are prevalent in the world today, people crave the ability to use their hands and minds to achieve something great.

A Sample of the Models

Picking the perfect wooden model kit for you or a loved one isn’t hard with so many options to choose from. The Flexi-Cubus, for example, is a great anti-stress puzzle that will satisfy anyone who needs to fidget or anyone who enjoys hand puzzles. The 20 Minutes Timer isn’t just fun to assemble, it actually works without batteries or other power sources, as does our Mechanical Flower and all of our other designs. The Theater has many stories to tell, and the Dynamometer is one of the best ways to learn or teach about mechanical gears and the basics of mechanics.

Why UGEARS Models Are Great

There are a lot of reasons you’d want to get a UGEARS Model. For example:

  • Adults of any age can enjoy putting them together and watching them function, even kids as young as 14 years of age.
  • Each of the models is quite detailed and ready to assemble without any additional tools.
  • There are over 90 unique models available today with hundreds more in the works.
  • UGEARS Models are all-occasion gifts for any hobbyist.

As you can see, adults of all ages can benefit from UGEARS Models, regardless of the hobbies they’re into. For a motor vehicle enthusiast, the Drift Cobra Racing Car might be a good pick. For someone who enjoys music, the Hurdy-Gurdy would be a thoughtful gift. The best part is you get all the benefits of one that you get with the other.

Item SKU Price Qty
UGears Drift Cobra Racing Car

UTG0088 $ 64.99
UGears Marble Run Chain Hoist - 1

UTG0085 $ 57.99
UGears Hurdy-Gurdy

UTG0028 $ 89.99
UGears Safe

UTG0010 $ 69.99
UGears Aviator

UTG0047 $ 74.99
UGears V-Express Steam Train with Tender

UTG0045 $ 89.99
UGears Dream Cabriolet

UTG0049 $ 89.99
UGears Truck "UGM-11"

UTG0014 $ 79.99
UGears Heavy Boy Truck VM-03

UTG0039 $ 89.99
UGears Marble Run Stepped Hoist - 2

UTG0087 $ 59.99
UGears Hexapod Explorer

UTG0086 $ 54.99
UGears Treasure Box

UTG0029 $ 59.99
UGears U-9 Grand Prix Car

UTG0031 $ 59.99
UGears U-Fidgets Tribiks (4 pcs)

UTG0026 $ 11.99
UGears U-Fidgets Vehicles (4 pcs)

UTG0025 $ 11.99
UGears 20 Minutes Timer

UTG0004 $ 44.99
UGears Wolf-01 Handgun

UTG0032 $ 30.99
UGears Locomotive with Tender

UTG0011 $ 74.99
UGears Mechanical Flower

UTG0016 $ 47.99
UGears Mechanical Etui/Box

UTG0001 $ 26.99
UGears Date Navigator

UTG0022 $ 13.99
UGears Bike VM-02

UTG0038 $ 37.99
UGears Roadster VM-01

UTG0037 $ 64.99
UGears U-Fidgets Aircrafts (4 pcs)

UTG0024 $ 11.99
UGears U-Fidgets Happy New Gear (4 pcs)

UTG0041 $ 11.99
UGears Theater

UTG0002 $ 34.99
UGears Tractor

UTG0003 $ 29.99
UGears Aero Clock

UTG0083 $ 89.99
UGears U-Fidgets Ships (4 pcs)

UTG0023 $ 11.99
UGears Horse-Mechanoid

UTG0043 $ 44.99
UGears U-Fidgets Creation (4 pcs)

UTG0036 $ 11.99
UGears U-Fidgets Gearsmas (4 pcs)

UTG0042 $ 11.99
UGears Flexi-Cubus

UTG0033 $ 13.99
UGears Combination Lock

UTG0017 $ 24.99
UGears Dynamometer

UTG0005 $ 24.99
UGears Trimaran Merihobus

UTG0044 $ 59.99
UGears Stagecoach

UTG0035 $ 39.99
UGears Tram with Rails

UTG0007 $ 39.99
UGears Combine

UTG0009 $ 34.99
UGears Fire Truck with Ladder

UTG0019 $ 89.99
UGears Mechanical Town Tram Line

UTG0021 $ 34.99
UGears Windstorm Dragon

UTG0080 $ 59.99
UGears Trailer for Heavy Boy Truck VM-03

UTG0040 $ 41.99
UGears Tower Windmill

UTG0046 $ 69.99
UGears Archballista-Tower

UTG0034 $ 34.99
UGears Wheel-Organizer

UTG0051 $ 13.99
UGears Truck with Tanker

UTG0020 $ 89.99
UGears Trailer (for Tractor)

UTG0006 $ 19.99
UGears Flight Starter

UTG0050 $ 34.99