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UGears STEM Lab

Educational mechanical models for children and grown-ups

Ugears takes educational mechanical models for children and adults to the next level with its latest range created with advance learning techniques in mind and loads of fun-time at their heart.

STEM, the term that’s been used a lot these days, stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. And the reason why it’s been all over the place, is because it is a large part of the mainstream curriculum in education. In practice, this means that educators set aside individual disciplines and instead focus on skills-and project-based approach.  In other words – making learning more interesting and engaging.

Ugears new range of models adopts the STEM name and the main idea. With each model you get a STEM project tool-kit and a challenge to face. You have all you need in the box, so the only thing left to do is to decide who you want to invite to your project team: parents, siblings, or friends?

STEM-lab models are an intelligible and exciting way to learn about widely-used mechanisms, types of gearing and connections as well as their practical applications in real life. Moving step-by-step through the stages of the Ugears STEM project, you become familiar with different mechanisms – literally – in the details. And as a result, what seemed to be strange mechanical magic becomes clear and comprehensible.

Each of the mechanical models of the STEM-lab series is an interactive study guide to a mechanism. Assembling it with your own hands you will get a full, in-depth understanding of the principles of how it works.

Extend your learning experience even further with the Ugears augmented reality application. Point your tablet or mobile phone at a fully assembled STEM-lab model and the app will show you various applications of the mechanism you’ve just built. You will see how it is used in machines, buildings and engineering constructions; explore it at different angles, zoom it in and out.

Face the STEM-challenge, assemble your knowledge, discover how clever you are and how creative you can be. Have fun working together with a team. Explore, develop and enjoy with Ugears STEM-lab models!


Truly yours, UGEARS Team

UGears STEM Lab

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