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UGears Coloring Models

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UGears Coloring Models

If you’re looking for a 3D puzzle that’s easy enough for a five-year-old to assemble, but entertaining enough for an adult to enjoy, you’ve come to the right place. At UGEARS, we have created the Coloring Models so children, siblings, parents and grandparents can spend quality time together working on something that enhances the mind, encourages hands-on creativity and cultivates healthy relationships.

The Coloring Model Kits

Each wooden model kit comes with five puzzles for endless fun. Each of the puzzles within the kit can be quickly and easily assembled, and they all have a mechanical part that adds to the excitement for children. Either before or after the kits are built, children can color them with acrylics, markers, watercolor or anything you have available. Check out the options:

  1. Our first set includes a Bear-Cub, Whale, Helicopter, Cockerel, and Car. Each puzzle has just eight components.
  2. The next 3D coloring set for kids includes a Biker, Rocking Horse, Knight, Whale, and Rocket. These puzzles also have eight components each.
  3. Set number three includes a Sailboat, Steamboat, Plane, Kitten & Puppy, and Train. They have anywhere from 15-17 components for each puzzle.
  4. Our last set includes a Clock, Donkey, Biplane, Merry-Go-Round, and Mill. There are 23 components in each puzzle.

Benefits of Coloring Models

One of the main benefits of our UGEARS Coloring Models is they don’t require any additional tools or adhesives. This means your children won’t be exposed to sharp knives or scissors, or harmful chemicals like glue. It also makes it easier for your young children to accomplish something great.

Another benefit is every puzzle is functional, meaning the child can play with the model after it has been assembled. For example, the Car in Set #1 has wheels that actually move, and it doesn’t require batteries or another power source. The Mill in Set #4 has mechanical gears that make the blades go around with just the twist of a wheel.

With the time it will take to assemble each model and get them colored, in addition to the time spent playing with the toys, you can see your children will have hours upon hours of playtime with these fun mechanisms. Whether you’ve got an animal-lover in your family or a child with a thing for motor vehicles, there’s something for everyone.