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UGears Motorcycle Scrambler UGR-10 with sidecar

Product Description
$ 41.99

The open road beckons with the UGears Motorcycle Scrambler UGR-10 with a sidecar. You'll almost feel the breeze while you imagine cruising along with this delightful motorcycle model kit. The Scrambler will have you in awe as you appreciate its precision-cut parts and eco-friendly wood that has become synonymous with UGears' high-quality craftsmanship.

Go back in time to the 50s when lightweight city motorcycles were designed for both highways and off-roading. The UGears Scrambler is based on this type of dual-sport motorcycle. You won't believe that this is just a replica when you see its fork and pendulum suspension on both front and back wheels, which delivers a smooth and steady ride. The fully animated opposing cylinder engine will bring delight to anyone familiar with motorcycles. Enjoy building and interacting with these mechanisms or use it as a teaching moment to show engineering marvels in real-life situations. You can even choose to personalize your bike by painting it with watercolor paints. This type of paint won't interfere with the mechanisms and will make your bike look stunning.

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Just like other UGears models, the motorcycle is powered by a motor consisting of just a rubber band, which is connected to the wheels by a belt coupling. You won't need any electronics here to watch the power of this beauty. All you need is the wind-up key, which can be found under the gas-tank hood. One full wind-up will have your motorcycle traveling 3 meters as you watch in amazement. We are not just talking about a straight path here either. You'll be able to steer whichever way you want using the rotating steering bars. But there is more to this model than just the Scrambler motorcycle kit. You’ll find a unique sidecar that can be easily added on to the bike or kept separately. Want to surprise your loved one with a special note or tiny gift? Place it in the sidecar and let your Scrambler bring them a lovely surprise. Or, let your kids place their tiny figures into the attachment and watch them zoom away. When you're done playing, allow everyone to enjoy its beauty as a classic showpiece in any corner of your home.

This amazing motorcycle model kit is no less than a challenging puzzle. With 380 pieces, this kit will be most suitable for those 14+. Younger kids may need some help with the assembly as it will take about 7 hours to build. Furthermore, if any parts end up breaking, UGears will replace them at no additional cost to you. Whether you like to build by yourself or want to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones, the UGears Motorcycle Scrambler UGR-10 with a sidecar will be the perfect kit for building memories.


Model Size: 8.7 x 6.3 x 4.5 in
Package size: 14.9 x 6.7 x 1.1 in
Number of parts: 380
Level: Hard
Assembly Time: 7 hours
Recommended Age: 14+
Kit weight: 1.30 lbs
Manufacturer: UGears


Part Replacement

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Assembly Videos

Vendor : UGears

Whether you have questions on assembly, a wooden model kit comes with missing parts or a 3D puzzle is simply not what you expected, we encourage you to reach out to our support team for help. While we do address as many questions and concerns as possible in our FAQ section, assembly videos and PDF instruction manuals, we understand that not all issues are cookie cutter. To ensure you receive swift assistance, we provide our telephone number, an email address and a contact form on our contact page.

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