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UGears Mini Biplane

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$ 13.99

The Wright brothers got it right. When these talented bicycle mechanics set out to build the world's first motor-driven, heavier-than-air airplane, they needed wings that could provide enough lift, yet be light and strong. They went with a biplane design, seen in early hang gliders. Biplanes have two fixed wings, one on top of the other, connected with supporting struts; the bracing permits a lighter wing structure. WWI flyers took to the skies in biplanes, and while the Red Baron is known for his iconic crimson triplane, most of his decorated combat career was spent in biplanes. Advances in aviation technology and materials made the biplane obsolete by the late 1930s, however, biplanes remain a fixture and fan favorite at airshows to this day.

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UGears is known for producing beautiful wooden DIY models characterized by a throwback, and steampunk sensibility. Naturally, when we decided to add a flyer to our collection of "Easy" models for young modelers, we couldn't resist the beauty and historical significance of the biplane. The UGears Mini Biplane model is both a fun toy and an attractive decorative item to place on the shelf. We opted for an open design, making the Biplane fuselage light and transparent, revealing the model's inner workings. Machines should not be mysteries! We want to encourage our young builders' natural curiosity and help them learn about motors and simple mechanics.

The Mini Biplane wooden model has a turning propeller and is powered by a rubber band motor—just pull the model back along a surface to wind it up, then release and watch it go! No glue or special tools are required to assemble this DIY kit, just punch the pre-cut pieces out of their composite wood boards and snap them together. When assembling the airplane model, remember to lightly sand and wax the moving parts to make them run smoothly. The model's toy-like appearance and simple mechanics make the Mini Biplane an excellent starter model and introduction to the fascinating world of UGears 3D puzzles, DIY model kits, automatons, robots, wooden puzzle boxes, and STEM Lab model kits. As your child learns to build these delightful, engaging toys they will also be building their mechanical knowledge and aptitude.

The Mini Biplane will appeal to anyone who loves model planes or who is interested in aviation. It joins the Aviator (with its interchangeable airplane and helicopter components) and the Flight Starter models in our UGears family of flyers (you could also count the fearsome Windstorm Dragon and beautiful Butterfly as flyers!). Are there any kids (or grownup kids!) who love airplanes in your circle of family and friends? Why not give them a Mini Biplane as a gift for their next birthday or for the holidays? The UGears Mini Biplane is a fun, lightly challenging, and satisfying creative project for families to work on together, and attractive addition to your home decor. Let UGears help your child's imagination take flight!

Model Size: 6 x 5.1 x 3.1 in
Package size: 8.3 x 3.6 x 0.8 in
Number of parts: 84
Level: Easy
Assembly Time: 2 hours
Recommended Age: 8+
Kit weight: 0.4 lbs
Manufacturer: UGears



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Vendor : UGears

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