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Item SKU Price Qty
UGears STEM LAB Curvimeter

UTG0073 $ 19.99
UGears STEM LAB Counter

UTG0064 $ 19.99
UGears STEM LAB Gearbox

UTG0065 $ 19.99
UGears STEM LAB Differential

UTG0066 $ 19.99
UGears STEM LAB Random Generator

UTG0078 $ 21.99
UGears STEM LAB Variator

UTG0079 $ 19.99
UGears STEM LAB Arithmetic Kit

UTG0082 $ 19.99
UGears STEM LAB Tachometer

UTG0081 $ 19.99
UGears U-Fidgets Ships (4 pcs)

UTG0023 $ 11.99
UGears U-Fidgets Aircrafts (4 pcs)

UTG0024 $ 11.99
UGears U-Fidgets Vehicles (4 pcs)

UTG0025 $ 11.99
UGears U-Fidgets Tribiks (4 pcs)

UTG0026 $ 11.99
UGears U-Fidgets Creation (4 pcs)

UTG0036 $ 11.99
UGears U-Fidgets Happy New Gear (4 pcs)

UTG0041 $ 11.99
UGears U-Fidgets Gearsmas (4 pcs)

UTG0042 $ 11.99
UGears Rails with Crossing

UTG0013 $ 39.99
UGears Additions for Truck "UGM-11" (Tanker, Fire Ladder and Chassis)

UTG0015 $ 76.99
UGears Trailer (for Tractor)

UTG0006 $ 19.99
UGears Tram with Rails

UTG0007 $ 39.99
UGears Railway Platform

UTG0012 $ 76.99
UGears U-Fidgets Bravery

UTG0123 $ 12.99
UGears U-Fidgets Invincibility

UTG0122 $ 12.99
UGears U-Fidgets Pacific Ocean

UTG0127 $ 11.99
UGears U-Fidgets Atlantic Ocean

UTG0128 $ 11.99

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