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Ugears NASA Space Shuttle Discovery

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Assemble me. Take a journey to space with me!

The Space Shuttle Discovery was the third of five reusable NASA orbiters, logging 39 launches and landings between 1984 and 2011—the most flights of any spacecraft in history. Perhaps its greatest accomplishment was the April 25, 1990 deployment of the Hubble Space Telescope ("HST") which revolutionized astronomy and astrophysics, particularly our understanding of the age and expansion of the universe. With characteristics of a rocket (for vertical launch) and a glider aircraft (for landings), space shuttles were the workhorses of America's space program at the turn of the 21st Century and were critical to the construction and maintenance of the ISS (International Space Station).

Now, you can build this iconic orbiter and imagine yourself participating in its signature mission to further the work of exploration and scientific discovery in launching the Hubble telescope. Ugears' NASA Space Shuttle Discovery model is actually a remarkable three-in-one: orbiter, stand, and satellite. The Shuttle is a 1:96 scale model of Discovery, with two cargo bays that open to reveal the HST model, which features movable solar panels and an aperture door. The Shuttle's front and rear bays open independently for storing or launching the telescope. To open the front cargo bay, turn the wheel near the cabin in the direction of the arrow marked "Open." A similar wheel on the tail section opens and closes the rear cargo bay. Place the telescope on the Shuttle's robotic arm for deployment and spin the arm using a dial located on the belly of the orbiter.

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The Shuttle's stand employs tensegrity (tensional integrity or floating compression), an elegant structural engineering design that allows the model to hover above the stand on thin fishing lines as if floating free in space. A ratchet mechanism on the stand allows you to adjust the tension of the lines. You can change the pitch of the spacecraft up and down by hand, simply by pulling on the tension lines, or adjust the roll of the spacecraft left and right either by moving the stand by hand or using the stand's ratchet dial. Other functional elements of the Shuttle model include movable ailerons on the orbiter's wings, movable tail rudder, and retractable landing gear.

Your Discovery Shuttle comes with an informational plaque giving important facts about Discovery, and with permission from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the kit includes stickers with the orbiter's name, NASA "worm" logo, and USA flag to place on the wings and side of the orbiter, to complete the authentic look.

The NASA Space Shuttle Discovery three-in-one DIY model is rated "Advanced" level, for experienced builders and is sure to take pride in place on a shelf or table in your living room, bedroom, or office. Like all Ugears wooden models and 3D puzzles, Discovery and all its components assemble without glue and can be built without special tools, following the step-by-step, illustrated instructions in 11 languages (English, Ukrainian, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean). Don't worry if you break a piece while building your 3D puzzle. Just let our customer service team know and we'll be glad to provide replacement parts free of charge.

This smart, sophisticated model of a NASA Space Shuttle will delight anyone who dreams of distant voyages, space exploration, or advancing scientific knowledge. The three-in-one NASA Space Shuttle Discovery with Hubble telescope and tensegrity stand will make a perfect gift for any friends and family who love aviation and spacecraft history or for modeling hobbyists who want to add a real showpiece to their collection. Take a voyage to the stars with Ugears!



Model size: 13.2x8.9x11.4 in
Package size: 14.7x6.7x2 in
Number of parts: 315
Level: Hard
Assembly Time: 6 hours
Recommended Age: 14+
Kit weight: 1.55 lbs

Manufacturer: UGears


Part Replacement

PDF Instructions

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Vendor : UGears

Whether you have questions on assembly, a wooden model kit comes with missing parts or a 3D puzzle is simply not what you expected, we encourage you to reach out to our support team for help. While we do address as many questions and concerns as possible in our FAQ section, assembly videos and PDF instruction manuals, we understand that not all issues are cookie cutter. To ensure you receive swift assistance, we provide our telephone number, an email address and a contact form on our contact page.

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