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UGears Vintage Alarm Clock

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Brrriiiiiiiing! Time to wake up, in the last century! In an age before cell phones and digital alarms there once was a fantastical device called an alarm clock, with two bells mounted on top that were struck by an oscillating hammer. You would wind the clock with a ratchet key, set the alarm hand for the time you wanted to wake up, and when the clock's hour hand caught up to the alarm hand those bells would ring for all they were worth until you turned it off or flung it against the wall (a one-time snooze option)! Can you believe such an amazing, simple-yet-ingenious mechanism ever existed?

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The UGears' Vintage Alarm Clock is a charming throwback, a decorative reminder of the mechanical alarm clock sitting on the bedside dresser in your parents' or grandparents' home. When you move the large gear on the side, the arrow hands of the Alarm Clock spin, and the bells jangle, giving the wooden clock model its characteristic "clacking" alarm sound. While this decorative wooden model clock doesn't keep time, the hands of the clock are geared so that one complete rotation of the minute hand advances the hour hand in one position. The clock face features design elements including the sun, plants, curlicues, and a progressing sundial, and sits atop columns that give the whole model an attractive architectural structure.

The Vintage Alarm Clock is a complement and companion piece to the Steampunk Clock in the UGears catalog. Both feature an openwork style of decorative carving and gearing, blending steampunk style with a slight tinge of Venetian appeal. Both models are rated "Easy" for beginners or junior builders, and both deliver a big decorative payoff and will harmonize perfectly together on your shelf or table. No glue or special tools are required to assemble this DIY clock model, just punch the pre-cut pieces out of their composite wood boards and snap them together, with a bit of sanding and waxing to make the gears run smoothly.

This DIY wooden model Alarm Clock is not just an attractive display piece but includes dynamic motion and sound elements, including the careful gearing of minute and hour hands and the surprising inclusion of the clattering alarm. UGears 3D puzzles, DIY model kits, automatons, robots, wooden puzzle boxes, and STEM Lab model kits are known around the world for their ingenious mechanical actions and charming, unexpected extra touches. The Vintage Alarm Clock expands our collection of easy-to-assemble models, making it a great gift idea for children and adults looking for a fun, relatively easy DIY project to do at home on a rainy day.

The Vintage Alarm Clock will appeal to fans of retro steampunk design, horology, and anyone who has already enjoyed building the UGears Steampunk Clock. Are there any clock lovers or watch collectors in your circle of family and friends? Why not give them a set of UGears DIY clock kits as a gift for their next birthday or for the holidays? The UGears Vintage Alarm clock is a fun, lightly challenging, and satisfying creative project for families to work on together, and attractive addition to your home decor. So go ahead, pull out your phone, and set an alarm reminder to buy the UGears Vintage Alarm Clock!


Model Size: 3.7 x 2 x 5 in
Package size: 8.3 x 3.6 x 0.8 in
Number of parts: 43
Level: Easy
Assembly Time:1 hour
Recommended Age: 8+
Kit weight: 0.33 lbs
Manufacturer: UGears



Part Replacement

PDF Instructions

Assembly Videos

Vendor : UGears

Whether you have questions on assembly, a wooden model kit comes with missing parts or a 3D puzzle is simply not what you expected, we encourage you to reach out to our support team for help. While we do address as many questions and concerns as possible in our FAQ section, assembly videos and PDF instruction manuals, we understand that not all issues are cookie cutter. To ensure you receive swift assistance, we provide our telephone number, an email address and a contact form on our contact page.

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