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At UGears, our goal is to continue to challenge you in the most innovative ways possible. It’s no secret that puzzles are the ultimate toy for adults and children alike who crave a good mind teaser, but sometimes a mere puzzle is not enough. That’s where the 3D puzzle comes in. 

Our Latest Kits 

To keep you on your toes, we’re constantly adding to our collection of 3D puzzles that feature moveable components, visible mechanical gears and pendulums, intricate architectural details, and fascinating inside looks into everyday (and not so every day) machinery. If you’ve already completed everything in our collection, try your hand at one of our newest model kits:

  • UGears Mini Biplane wooden model has a turning propeller and is powered by a rubber band motor - just pull the model back along a surface to wind it up, then release and watch it go!

  • UGears  Vintage Alarm Clock is a charming throwback, a decorative reminder of the mechanical alarm clock sitting on the bedside dresser in your parents' or grandparents' home.

  • UGears Moto Compact folding scooter is driven by a spring-loaded engine and is able to travel 2 m (six feet) on a single wind-up.

  • UGears Mechanical Tellurion is an ingenious mechanism that depicts the cosmic dance between Sun, Earth and Moon.

  • UGears Sky-Watcher Tourbillon Table Clock's standout feature is the rotating tourbillon that sits on top. The sphere of the tourbillon has been styled to resemble a large telescope observatory. When the model is fully wound it can power the timepiece for approximately 2-3 hours.

  • UGears Drift Cobra Racing Car, a beautifully styled, two-seat convertible — our twist on what may be the most revered sports car of all time: the Shelby Cobra 427.
  • UGears Marble Run Stepped Hoist with a 3-stage alternating lift is a modular model - connect two or four models together or connect Marble Run Stepped Hoist to the Marble Run Chain Hoist model.
  • UGears Hexapod Explorer is a part insect, part robot, part extraterrestrial rover. It walks up to 3m and comes with a variable speed dial. 
  • UGears Marble Run Chain Hoist is an exciting combination of art and engineering. It's an engaging way to relax your mind.
  • UGears Mechanical Aquarium is an ingenious saltwater fishbowl, with two pet tropical fish chasing each other around a forest of macroalgae fronds.
  • UGears Aero Clock. It's not only a pretty showpiece but also an actual working clock that you can build yourself.
  • UGears Windstorm Dragon. A classic mythical reptilian, the embodiment of ancient might and power, presented in wood and animated by the wizardry of Ugears engineers.
  • STEM LAB by UGEARS Arithmetic Kit. This Kit consists of two ready-to-assemble models:
      • Mechanical Addiator - a compact arithmetic machine that works by moving gear racks. You can add and subtract numbers by moving the sliding racks.
      • Mechanical Multiplier - a flat hinge mechanism that accomplishes binary operations on numbers. By moving the dual slider, you can multiply and square numbers from 1 to 12.
  • STEM LAB by UGEARS Tachometer. This device is designed to measure the rotational speed of various parts in engines and other mechanisms. It calculates revolutions per minute (RPM).