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V-Series Collection

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At UGEARS, we know there are some motor vehicle hobbyists out there who want to do something a little more intricate. Our V-Series offers just that. Each of our 3D motor vehicle model puzzle kits come with everything you need to complete the model, so without glue or other tools, you never need to get your hands dirty while working on these vehicles.

Steam Train With Tender

The Steam Train is an impressive build and an impressive sight once it’s done. In approximately 10 hours, it will be ready to move forward or backward about 13 feet with one winding. Flip a switch and it will sit idle.


As one of our smaller, quicker-to-build models in the V-Series collection, the Bike will come together in about three to four hours. Once complete, you’ll realize it looks almost identical to an actual chopper, and it really rolls with a rubber band motor.


The UGEARS Roadster will take you back in time with a vintage look. The process of putting this together is as thrilling as watching it roll once you’ve finished the car. With the retro look of the Roadster, it’s something everyone can enjoy.

Dream Cabriolet

This fully functional model is our most complicated in the V-Series collection, but it’s definitely worth the 13 hours it will take to complete. With 739 parts, you’ll need some focus, but our instructions make it easy and understandable.

Heavy Boy Truck

When you’re done putting together the 541-piece Heavy Boy Truck and you want to see it move, you actually use the steering wheel to get it going in the right direction. It’s a stunning, realistic sight if you wish to feature it as décor, and there are different attachments you can purchase to go along with it.

Trailer for Heavy Boy Truck

Your Heavy Boy Truck isn’t complete without the Trailer. This 138-piece 3D puzzle comes with the mechanical gears to get it running when attached to the Truck.

As you can see, there’s something for everyone when it comes to motor vehicle enthusiasts. Whether you prefer a motorbike or a vintage car, each wooden model kit in our V-Series collection offers hours of fun.