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Valentine Season

Introducing the Ugears Valentine Promo! ❤️

Get ready to soar into the season of love with Ugears, where innovation meets craftsmanship. From February 5th to March 8th, immerse yourself in our exclusive promotion and indulge in the magic of mechanical marvels. During this special period, enjoy a delightful 14% retail benefit on our specially curated sets, designed to ignite your passion for assembly and creativity. With 7 Model sets awaiting your exploration, there's something for every enthusiast. 

1. Mini 4-in-1 Set: Old Clock Tower + Steampunk Clock 2.0 + Vintage Alarm Clock + Ocean Beauty Yacht (New Price - $50.00)

2. Smart 4-in-1 Set: Steampunk Airship + Mini Helicopter+ Mini Locomotive + Steampunk Submarine (New Price - $75.50)

3. Grace 2-in-1 Set: Mechanical Flower + Antique box (New Price - $88.50)

4. Magic Vehicles 2-in-1 Set: Flying Ford Anglia™ Model + The Knight Bus™  Model (New Price - $103.00)

5. Dino 3-in-1: Tyrannosaurus Rex + Triceratops + Stegosaurus (New Model) (New Price - $142.00)

6. Aero & Engine Clocks: Engine Clock  + Aero Clock (New Price - $133.50)

7. Marble Run 4-in1: Marble Run Tiered Hoist  + Marble Run Chain Hoist + Marble Run Stepped Hoist + Marble Run Spiral Hoist (New Price - $203.00)

*The discount works when buying the whole set

Enjoy your shopping! 

Valentine Season

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