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When you want a unique, fully functional mechanism to build with your own two hands, you turn to UGEARS. Our 3D puzzle model kits, being laser cut from plywood board, go together easily with our patented joint designs. All models are manufactured in our own facilities, offering the highest quality.


At first glance, you might think the Wolf-01 Handgun is real, but don’t worry; it only shoots rubber bands. The fully-functional Roadster VM-01 and Truck “UGM-11” will take you back in history with pistons, steering components, and gears that actually move. If you are looking for a musical instrument then check out UGears Hurdy-Gurdy. Our other model kits include a Windstorm Dragon, Modular Marble Run, Mechanical Aquarium, Hexapod Explorer, Aero Clock, Combination Lock, Horse-Mechanoid, Fire Truck With Ladder, Tower Windmill, Sky-Watcher Tourbillon Table Clock, and so much more. 


At UGEARS, we love all games, not just 3D puzzles. To help keep your tabletop games organized and running well, we have the Deck Box, Game Master’s Screen, Dice Tower, Card Holder, and Dice Keeper. These mechanisms support game functionality with storage, transportation, and space-saving features.

Mechanical Town

One of our new series in development right now is the UGEARS Mechanical Town. We currently have a Rail Manipulator to load and move freight crates to the train cars in our Tram Line. Included with the Tram Line are a bench, stairs, a clock, and a ticket kiosk.


From the Heavy Boy Truck and Trailer to the Steam Train With Tender, kids and adults will enjoy putting these vehicles together. They are all fully functional with gears and rubber bands so you never have to worry about changing the batteries.

U-Fidget Tribiks

All of our U-Fidget Tribiks come in sets of four. Themes include Tribiks, Vehicles, Aircraft, Ships, Creation, Happy New Gear, and Gearsmas. These tiny mechanical gears fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, giving you something to mess with when you feel anxious.


The STEM/STEAM Lab model kits make learning more engaging and interesting. With just one STEM wooden model kit, you learn the basics of gravity, tension force, and how to put a mechanism together without the help of technology.

4Kids Coloring

The UGEARS 4Kids Coloring mechanical gears are easy and fun. Each set contains four projects, and any young child can put them together, working with an older sibling, parent, or grandparent. Use acrylic, watercolor, markers, or anything you’ve got to decorate and color the mechanisms when they’re complete.