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UGears Mechanical Town

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At UGEARS, we’ve though of everything. Our 3D puzzle kits come in many varieties, with something for all types of hobbyists. The UGears Mechanical Town Series currently has a couple different mechanisms to start your 3D model town set. If you’ve never built your own town before, this is a great way to get started, as there are no adhesives required, no additional tools and no complicated power source requirements. Just use your hands, our instructions and start building your little town.

Mechanical Town Tram Line

The UGEARS Mechanical Town Tram Line wooden model kit comes with 14 small models, all conveniently scaled to work in harmony together:

  • Tram Car – This has an overhead pantograph that gets it into “drive” mode. The doors open and close, and it actually runs on the rails.
  • Tram Depot – This is complete with a gate and a turntable that will get the tram headed back in the right direction.
  • Footbridge – Your fictitious pedestrians will need somewhere to cross, and the footbridge can be moved around to different locations.

There’s also a bench, a ticket kiosk, a clock and some little stairs. The stairs lead to the platform, but you can move them to another area on the platform if you wish. Other models include street lamps, straight tracks, radius tracks and seven little characters.

Mechanical Town Rail Manipulator

The UGEARS Mechanical Town Rail Manipulator comes with the Manipulator, a shed under construction, a crane, straight rails, shipping crates, a freight carriage and five little characters. After you have completed the assembly, the Manipulator is full of mechanical gears that not only make it fully functional, they make it fun to look at.

Putting these kits together will give you and your loved ones an idea of how real-life machines work. If that’s something you’re interested in, or you think someone in your family would be, the Mechanical Town Series is the perfect place to begin your collection.