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UGears STEM LAB Gearbox

Product Description
$ 19.99

Discover the mechanics of manual transmission with the UGears STEM LAB Gearbox model. This kit builds a fully functioning interactive puzzle that helps you study the gearbox, the groundbreaking invention of German engineer Karl Benz widely used in cars today. 

A mechanical gearbox transfers torque from the engine’s shaft to the wheels. When assembled, this model will help you learn how a 4-speed manual transmission works by providing a hands-on experience of the physics involved. Choose a speed with the mini gearshift lever, then turn the actuator handle to spin the gears. Shift into reverse to see how the clutch transfers the rotation to the lower gears, which propels them in the opposite direction.

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Included with this model is a pocket study guide that details the creation story and mechanism design of the gearbox. It also has ideas for engaging activities and other interesting facts about your model. For a more immersive experience, use our dedicated UGears Augmented Reality app to discover how the gearbox is used in vehicles. You can interact with the gearshift and actuator handle in a virtual 3D space and even place the box into a car to see the real-world application of this device.

The UGears STEM LAB Gearbox model kit is comprised of 120 parts, each pre-cut from lightweight wood material and ready to assemble without glue or special tools. Sustainability is important to us, so we use renewable resources for all our models. When finished, the model measure approximately 5 x 4 x 4 inches. To add color to your finished piece, watercolor tint may be lightly applied if desired. Display it on a shelf or coffee table for an instant conversation piece.

For extended engineering time, put together this puzzle without the manual. For faster assembly or help for little ones, just follow the step-by-step instructions.

This model bears the Authenticated seal, which helps parents and educators quickly identify products that align with STEM standards. This product will integrate seamlessly into a STEM-based curriculum.

As any engineer knows, sometimes accidents happen, and replacement parts are available upon request. We’re happy to help get your model back in tip-top shape — just use the contact form on our website to ask us your questions.

Whether you want a quick brain teaser or an intricate mechanical puzzle, we have a model that’s right for you. Explore more STEM models and games in our online catalog, and check out our blog for more puzzle fun.

This kit takes about two hours to assemble and offers unlimited engagement afterward with the UGears Augmented Reality phone app. Our mission is to unite kids and parents - family play is encouraged! We recommend this kit for ages 8 and up.

Model Size: 5.1 x 3.9 x 4.3 in
Package size: 8.1 x 7.4 x 2.5 in
Number of parts: 120
Level: Easy
Assembly Time: 2 hours
Recommended Age: 8+
Kit weight: 1.09 lbs
Manufacturer: UGears 


Part Replacement

PDF Instructions

Assembly Videos

Vendor : UGears

Whether you have questions on assembly, a wooden model kit comes with missing parts or a 3D puzzle is simply not what you expected, we encourage you to reach out to our support team for help. While we do address as many questions and concerns as possible in our FAQ section, assembly videos and PDF instruction manuals, we understand that not all issues are cookie cutter. To ensure you receive swift assistance, we provide our telephone number, an email address and a contact form on our contact page.

Commitment to Excellence

At UGears, we strive to deliver superior customer service & support at every touchpoint. From equipping each product page with a detailed product description to implementing a loyalty program for our most devoted customers, we are always striving to improve the customer experience. If you have suggestions for our mechanical gears collection, or if you run across a problem we did not catch, we want to hear about it. Your input will only help us to continue to improve.


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