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Presenting New 2022 Model - Marble Run Spiral Hoist!

Presenting New 2022 Model - Marble Run Spiral Hoist!
Marble Run Spiral Hoist
Assemble me. Let the marbles go!
 UGears Marble Run Spiral Hoist
The Marble Run Spiral Hoist is the fourth model in the UGears collection of fascinating DIY wooden mechanical marble runs. The hoist has two types of rails to speed the ascent: the main spiral rails and vertical rails.
Turn the crank to lift the colored glass marbles upwards (one marble rises per nine revolutions of the winding crank) to the three-marble storage up top. From there the marbles begin their downhill runs through exciting elements: a high-speed slide, a vertical snake, and a mountain river.
UGears Marble Run Spiral Hoist
Our team of designers created the Marble Run Spiral Hoist and our three other marble runs (Chain Hoist, Stepped Hoist, and Tiered Hoist) as fantastic standalone, but also as modular elements able to be connected into a super Marble Run!
You can connect any two or four marble runs together with special connectors (included in each kit) for a giant marble amusement park, with a variety of soaring lifts and obstacles to overcome on the descent.
The escapement at the end of each set can send the marbles back to the original hoist, to the adjacent marble run, or alternating between the two (you control this with a special weighted switch).
UGears Marble Run Spiral Hoist
The Marble Run Spiral Hoist wooden mechanical model consists of 266 parts, is rated "advanced" level, and provides 6+ hours of fun assembly time. No glue or other tools are needed for assembly.
UGears Marble Run Spiral Hoist
Just snap the parts out of their laser pre-cut plywood boards and connect them, following the detailed, illustrated instructions in 11 languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian) included in each UGears kit.
UGears Marble Run Spiral Hoist
Something is mesmerizing about marble runs. Kids and adults can get lost for hours watching the motions of these magical machines, and the UGears Marble Run Spiral Hoist promises endless entertainment for all ages.
 UGears Marble Run Spiral Hoist
Discover your inner engineer as you build this engaging 3D mechanical puzzle. If you're up for a challenge, why not assemble all four marble runs and quadruple the fun? You can leave the model in its attractive natural wood state or unleash your inner artist by painting our models in different colors, as many UGears fans around the world do.
UGears Marble Run Spiral Hoist
This model will become a conversation piece in your office or home and provide a fun diversion for your family members, friends, and acquaintances. The Marble Run Spiral Hoist makes a great gift, either as a DIY kit or as an exciting toy you've lovingly built with your own hands.
UGears Marble Run Spiral Hoist
Model size: 11.2*10.4*10.9 in (28.5*26.3*27.6 cm)
Package size:  14.9*6.7*1.3 in (37.8*17*3.4 cm)
Number of components: 266
Estimated time for assembly: 6 hours 
UGears Marble Run Spiral Hoist

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  • Richard

    Please let me know when available

  • Dave

    Can’t wait to get all four of them connected together

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