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Presenting 2.5D Mechanical Puzzles

Presenting 2.5D Mechanical Puzzles

2.5D Mechanical Puzzles

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Introducing a new way to enjoy Ugears puzzles: 2.5D puzzles! Our new line of 2.5D models are beautiful, interactive mechanical wooden picture puzzles that you can hang on the wall or place on a table or shelf. These 2.5D picture models practically jump out of their frames with moving parts that bring your puzzle to life.

2.5D models are something of a cross between 2D and 3D puzzles. Think of a mash-up between a framed wooden picture and a three-dimensional scale model.

All models in our new 2.5D series are easy to assemble, so even those without previous experience building Ugears can create something beautiful for display.

But these aren't just static pictures; they're engaging, framed sculptures with moving parts you can manipulate—wheels that turn, doors that open, propellers that spin, etc.



Our new series of 2.5D puzzles by Ugears is a fun, dynamic alternative to traditional jigsaw puzzles. Suitable for adults and children, these models will appeal to anyone who enjoys building things or doing craft projects.

The final result is a picture in a frame, but unlike with jigsaw puzzles, you don't have to glue the completed puzzle to a base and then mount it in a separate frame to preserve and display your work.

Your Ugears 2.5D picture puzzle comes in its own frame—just assemble and hang or place your framed sculpture wherever you like! Each framed 2.5D puzzle comes with leg stands and a picture mount.

We're sure this new series of 2.5D models will be welcomed by Ugears fans worldwide, who eagerly await the release of each new mechanical marvel. But it's not just 3D puzzle and model enthusiasts who will get a kick out of our new product line.

Ugears 2.5D puzzles will appeal to any adult or child looking to decorate their bedroom, living room, office, or other interior space with beautiful objects created by their own hands.

Speaking of decorating, you can leave these 2.5D picture models in their attractive natural wood state or paint or stain the picture sculpture to your liking. The whole point of Ugears is to unleash your inner engineer and artist!


All Ugears models, regardless of the style, model, or number of parts, can be assembled without glue or any special tools. The pieces of our 2.5D picture models are carefully laser cut into art-quality composite wood boards from which they are easily removed for assembly.



Estimated assembly times are under an hour. Sandpaper and wax are included in each kit to smooth and lubricate the gears for optimal functioning. If any parts break during assembly, our support team will gladly send you replacement parts free of charge. Just email us—we're standing by 7 days a week, ready to help!

Each model kit has detailed, illustrated instructions in 11 languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Ukrainian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) to guide your assembly. Even if you've never assembled models or mechanical 3D puzzles before, you can build something beautiful by carefully following the included instructions. Best of all, Ugears model kits arrive at your door with everything you need for assembly right in the box.

Welcome to a wonderful world of mechanics and creativity. Welcome to the world of Ugears!

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