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UGEARS Models Overview

UGEARS Models Overview
UGEARS has announced four new model releases and gave us a sneak peek for three new models coming in the future to Kickstarter.
UGEARS introduces the legendary carrier from the late 18th – 19th century, a model that would be a delight to your eyes and at the same time would be able to face the challenges of the Wild West – should you decide to re-create this romantic period at home with your family
UGEARS goes romantically medieval and invites you to become a siegecraft expert with its new exciting model – Archnallista and Tower. Inspired by the best examples of ancient artillery, legendary battles of the past re-enacted in films, books, and games, this model provides a new spin on the classic war machine to test you great conqueror’s skill.
Flexi-Cubus is a mechanical anti stress puzzle in the form of a steampunk skeleton cube made out of eight joint-connected spheres. The Flexi-Cubus is designed as a means to improve your attention and focus on a task you are working on.
Now it’s time for creation - U-Fidgets Creation
The unique set of 4 individual miniature models for self-assembly for grown-ups and kids from 5 years to 80 and beyond. The set includes Movie camera, Guitar, Book, Parthenon, each model has basic elements of mechanics.
Sneak Peek - Aviator Model - Coming Soon to Kickstarter
Do you fly in your dreams? Do you like the feeling? Once again UGEARs makes the dream come true reaching out to the sky with its first ever aircraft model represented by two flying machines in one package. Introducing – The Aviator model. The model has three modules: the airplane, the helicopter and the flight control tower. Choose between your aircraft, set one on the tower’s bar and you are good to fly. Hang on to the wheel, throw caution to the wind, and fly – for the sky is the limit with your new Aviator model from Ugears.
Sneak Peek - Bike VM-02 Model - Coming Soon to Kickstarter
Hold on to your handlebars and create the spirit of the road with your own hands.

Sneak Peek - Roadster VM-01 Model - Coming Soon to Kickstarter
Exquisitely elegant and vigorously fast sports car. Powerful V-8 engine, streamlined and clear body. Exciting assembly, testing and play.
Sneak Peek - V-Express Steam Train with Tender
 - Coming Soon to Kickstarter
Its minutely detailed futuristic design reveals the beauty of moving details: gears and a flywheel, the work of cylinder-piston arrangement.
Sneak Peek - Horse-Mechanoid - Coming Soon to Kickstarter
Assemble and watch the horse gait on its own.

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  • Dmitriy Zverev
Comments 8
  • Mike Polk
    Mike Polk

    I was wondering if you sold the ugear display cases that I’ve seen in some hobby stores. I would like to put my car in a display case. Thank you Mike

  • Alan

    Hi looking for figure of fisherman with fighting fish on rod and line may be one for the future ?

  • Dmitriy

    Hi Steven,

    Horse-Mechanoid will be available in early fall.

  • Steven Jay Auster
    Steven Jay Auster

    I really enjoy building your devices and giving them as gifts – is there any way to purchase a Horse Mechanoid model?

  • Beau Merritt
    Beau Merritt

    I would love to see a drag car somthing like a vintage front engine dragster.

  • Dmitriy

    Hi Ernest,

    I have forwarded your suggestion to the engineering team.

  • Ernest PRusakowski
    Ernest PRusakowski

    How about thinking about a Red Baron Fokker tri-wing model??? I think that would be pretty cool!!

  • george purnell
    george purnell

    I would like to know when the ugears bike vm-02 model
    horse mechanoid
    and the ugear roadster vm-01
    will be available and or how to pre-order, and the price of each

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