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Presenting New 2022 Model - Retro Car UGR-T

Presenting New 2022 Model - Retro Car UGR-T
Retro Car UGR-T. Assemble me. Drive the legend!
   The Retro Car UGR-T is a stylish new addition to UGears' ever-growing collection of historic and modern cars, racers, motorbikes, trucks, and other outstanding automotive DIY models.
This vintage model pays homage to the dawn of the automobile age.
UGears' team of engineers and designers has developed a special, classic car model to take you back to that age. Outstanding features include the functional convertible folding roof with fabric overlay; latching cab doors that open to the front; the hood that opens on both sides, revealing a functional 4-cylinder engine with crankshaft; a skeuomorphic pendulum that simulates the sound of a rumbling motor; front wheels that turn using the steering wheel; and a spare wheel mounted at the back.
UGears Retro Car
To operate the Retro Car UGR-T, set the Start/Stop button to "Stop" as you wind the spring-powered motor using the built-in ratchet key under the chassis. Place the model on a flat surface as you hold it with one hand, press "Start," then release and watch it go. The car has Forward, Neutral, and Reverse gears.
UGears Retro Car
Did you know the age of mass-produced cars also heralded the age of mass car theft? With no way to lock open cabs, easily hot-wired transmissions, and no readily identifiable individual markings or serial numbers, mass-produced cars were an attractive target for thieves. Moreover, cars gave criminals an easy way to transport stolen goods or make a quick getaway after a bank robbery. During Prohibition in the United States (1920-33), many a car had a false undercarriage installed for concealing bootleg liquor! In fact, the rise and development of FBI trucks with the rise and evolution of mass-produced automobiles.
UGears Retro Car
The Retro Car UGR-T wooden model consists of 337 parts, is rated "advanced" level, and promises 7+ hours of enjoyable assembly time. No glue or other tools are required to assemble this attractive DIY wooden model—everything you need comes right in the box.
UGears Retro Car
Parts are carefully laser pre-cut into plywood boards, from which they are easily removed and connected. Detailed, illustrated instructions in 11 languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian) will guide your assembly for a successful build. If you break a piece during construction, just let us know and we'll be happy to provide a replacement part free of charge.
UGears Retro Car
Early hand-built cars came in a variety of colors (but black paint dried faster)! You can choose to leave your Retro Car UGR-T in its attractive natural wood state, paint or stain it in your own original color scheme or paint it black.
UGears Retro Car
The Retro Car UGR-T is the perfect place to start your collection of UGears wooden model cars. Other classic American car and truck models from UGears include the Pickup Lumberjack, Dream Cabriolet, and Drift Cobra. From there you can branch out to motorbikes, trains, ships, and all kinds of mechanical marvels as you explore the wonderful world of UGears 3D puzzles, DIY model kits, automatons, robots, wooden puzzle boxes, and STEM Lab model kits.
UGears Retro Car
The Retro Car UGR-T model will appeal to fans of historic cars, car modeling enthusiasts, and people who love a good 3D puzzle.
UGears Retro Car
This DIY wooden car model is a great holiday, birthday, or anytime gift, stylish addition to any interior, and promises hours of fun assembly and imaginative play. Have a great time as you go back in time with the Retro Car UGR-T!
UGears Retro Car
Model size: 10.4*4.9*5.6 in (26.5*12.5*14.4 cm)
Package size:  14.9*6.7*1.4 in (37.8*17*3.6 cm)
Number of components: 337
Estimated time for assembly: 7 hours 
UGears Retro Car

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