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Four New UGEARS Models are Available

Four New UGEARS Models are Available

Four new models listed below are available for purchase with immediate dispatch.  Get yours today!

Model Flexi-Cubus 

Flexi-Cubus is a mechanical anti-stress puzzle in the form of a steampunk skeleton cube made out of eight joint-connected spheres. The Flexi-Cubus is designed as a means to improve your attention and focus on a task you are working on.

Model Archballista-Tower

UGEARS goes romantically medieval and invites you to become a siegecraft expert with its new exciting model – Archnallista and TowerInspired by the best examples of ancient artillery, legendary battles of the past re-enacted in films, books, and games, this model provides a new spin on the classic war machine to test you great conqueror’s skill.

Model Stagecoach

UGEARS introduces the legendary carrier from the late 18th – 19th century, a model that would be a delight to your eyes and at the same time would be able to face the challenges of the Wild West – should you decide to re-create this romantic period at home with your family.

U-Fidgets Creation

The unique set of 4 individual miniature models for self-assembly for grown-ups and kids from 5 years to 80 and beyond. The set includes Movie camera, Guitar, Book, Parthenon, each model has basic elements of mechanics.

Mechanical Evolution Kickstarter

Ugears continues to explore the mystery of mechanics and this March exclusively on Kickstarter presents the fascinating range of 12 absolutely unique models inspired by historical mechanisms from the Middle Ages to nowadays: The Horse-Mechanoid, the Archballista-Tower, the Tower Windmill, the Stagecoach, the V-Express Steam Train with Tender, the Secret model, the Roadster, the Aviator, the Bike, the Heavy Boy Long-Hauler with the Trailer, and the Flexi-Cubus. They are ready to become your companions in an exciting adventure through the ages on the way to discover the evolution of mechanics. 

Three of these models are already available for purchase on our website  The rest will be available in August once Kickstarter orders are fulfilled.


We have one of the new models - Stagecoach - available for Giveaway.  Follow the link below to get your entries (yes, multiple entries).  Hurry, only 10 days left to enter!

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  • Dmitriy Zverev
Comments 6
  • Elly Dee
    Elly Dee

    We just discovered ugears at Christmas this year and had a lot of fun putting the mechanical flower together. I have looked through the models and was wondering if you have any models that are similar to a German Christmas pyramid with a nativity scene? It seems like your designs would work well with something like that? I didn’t see any in the existing but thought I would ask since I may have missed it. They remind me of the glockenspiel clocks that tell a story with various scenes coming on the track at different times. I also had a question regarding the steam punk clock. Does that actually work to keep time? If no is there a way to attach a motor and make it work to keep track of time.

  • Dmitriy

    Hi William,

    Horse and the new Locomotive will be available in late August/early fall.

  • William Stewart
    William Stewart

    When will the horse be available for purchase? Also the new locomotive.

  • Julianne Peebles
    Julianne Peebles

    I fancy the train, and your new car

  • Gabriel Young
    Gabriel Young

    My favorite is the new train, followed closely by the hurry gurdy!

  • Laura Bowley
    Laura Bowley

    My favorite model is the mechanical flower, with a close second being the mechanical card holder! My daughter will be excited about the horse, and my son likes the safe!

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