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UGEARS New Releases Available for Pre-Order

UGEARS New Releases Available for Pre-Order

Four New Models

We are excited to announce four new UGEARS Model releases.  They are available for pre-order with shipping in about 1-2 weeks.

Roadster VM-01 

Once again, UGears returns to everybody’s favorite classics and introduces an exquisitely elegant and vigorously fast Roadster sports car. The unique charisma of the model comes from both its outstanding technical characteristics and detailed realistic retro-design.

Bike VM-02

Get your leather jacket and absorb the exhilaration of total velocity with the bold and beautiful Bike from UGears. Embrace the spirit of the road with your own hands. Hold on to your handlebars and breathe in the smell of highway with the new Bike Model from UGears.

Heavy Boy Truck VM-03

Now is your chance to join the noble tribe of long-haul truckers with a “Heavy Boy Truck VM-03” model from UGears. The romance of the road and the might of a large and fast automobile will leave nobody indifferent. Whether you are a loner or a company man, the time on the road will clear your head and you will learn to cherish the time with your close ones. Fill the tank to the brim and venture forth with UGgears’ Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 to explore new routes.

Trailer for Heavy Boy Truck VM-03

Should you decide to have a shot at freight forwarding, you will need a trailer. And this is exactly what this model is. This capacious Heavy Boy Truck Trailer can carry your favorite things - it will deliver a box of chocolates, a load or fruits or even a ship in a bottle.

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  • Dmitriy Zverev
Comments 4
  • Brandi

    What model(s) would you suggest for a 21 year-old “newby” UGears builder? He is definitely mechanically and engineering inclined.

  • Dmitriy

    Hi Tom,
    The 20% discount is on selected models only.
    You also get free U-Fidgets with purchase of $25 or more during them period once you add it to the cart. You are also welcome to use other discount codes during checkout.

  • Tom Convery
    Tom Convery

    Your promo indicates 20% off until, I believe, D c. 2nd, and that the discount will be reflected once the item is placed in the cart. I’ve placed several items in my cart and when I check the xart, not discount is reflected. I have gone all the way to checkout and still no discount appears

  • george purnell
    george purnell

    well the time is here and I made sure I got on the pre-order and hope I will enjoy the new ones as well as I have enjoyed the others

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