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Long-awaited Models available for pre-order

Long-awaited Models available for pre-order
Long-awaited Models

We know, there was no communication for some time, but we were getting ready for something big.  And it's almost here. We are announcing the release of six new model releases.  They are available for pre-order with shipping in about 2-3 weeks.


Ugears Horse-Mechanoid – a unique assembling model that joins nature and mechanics. It's a Ugears' tribute to the Ancient Greeks, Japanese and Chinese inventors, and Leonardo da Vinci himself for their early automaton efforts and the attempts to create a walking machine.

Trimaran Merihobus

Carried by the wayward wind of travel, the graceful and stylish Trimaran Merihobus from Ugears invites you to leave your peaceful harbor and sail away on an exciting marine mechanical adventure. The new mechanical bench model kit is designed to show off plenty of details such as winches, rigging, and hulls, which makes her a very realistic miniature copy of real-life prototypes.

V-Express Steam Train with Tender

The Victorian Age filled with the spirit of the Industrial Revolution is a source of internal inspiration for designers and engineers. Ugears turns to this fascinating era once again to bring you the V-Express Steam Train with Tender. The minutely detailed design of the model reveals the beauty of moving parts: gears and a flywheel as well as the workings of the cylinder-piston arrangement, a ladder and a fire hole with the door you can open.

Tower Windmill

The Tower Windmill from Ugears is more than a mechanical model. It is an exciting trip to the history of old England designed in "Victorian steampunk skeleton" style. The model is based on the Chesterton Windmill, a 17th-century cylindrical stone tower windmill that was built outside the village of Chesterton, Warwickshire county.


Have you always dreamed of flying? Grab the wheel and become airborne with the "Aviator," the first-ever aircraft model from Ugears. The flight control tower bars regulate the speed and the roll and pitch of the airplane or helicopter.

Royal Carriage (Limited Edition)

The four-horse drawn carriage, inspired by the 1902 State Landau, is a stylish and unique memento to celebrate Megan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding.

The Royal Carriage kit comes with two sets of figures, Prince Harry and Megan, as well as the Queen and her consort. The crown on the back of the carriage has a secret function, allowing you to wind up the intricate wooden motor which pushes the Royal Carriage forward!

*Limited quantities will be available*

U-Fidgets Happy New Gear and U-Fidget Gearsmas

Right in time for the holidays, we received new U-Fidgets ornaments. These new models are already in stock as a set of U-Fidgets Happy New Gear (4 pcs) or U-Fidgets Gearsmas (4 pcs) and can be yours at NO CHARGE ($9.90 value) with the purchase of $75 or more.

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  • Dmitriy Zverev
Comments 4
  • Ken Martin
    Ken Martin

    No Clocks? Mantle or miniature floor clock model?

  • Ray Shaner
    Ray Shaner

    Your models are a blast to assemble. I’m glad my hobie shop carried them or I would not have known about your models, just finished the steam train. What’s great they work after you assemble them.

  •  David Euler
    David Euler

    Where are the steam engine is supposed to be here thank you

  • Patrick Wells
    Patrick Wells

    The trains look amazing, but so do all the other models.

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