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UGears 20-minute Timer Assembly Instructions Video

UGears 20-minute Timer Assembly Instructions Video

Video of UGears mechanical 20-minute Timer model kit Instructions and Assembly with comments.  I did make a small mistake during the assembly, but because all the connections are mechanical, it is easy to fix most of the errors.  Feel free to email me any questions or post a comment under the video on YouTube page. 

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  • Dmitriy Zverev
Comments 4
  • Peter Sanham
    Peter Sanham

    There’s a big chunk that is not even on camera.

  • Dmitriy

    Hi Jim,

    Thank you for the feedback on the video. I will put it in the queue to re-make in the near future. I have not done too many of these type of videos, so any direction and feedback is appreciated.

    Thank you,
    UGears US | Ukidz LLC

  • Jim Sfetko
    Jim Sfetko

    I was interested in one of the models until I watched this video. That was not the greatest presentation. Especially when the presented did not appear to understand the puzzle. He did not reference the photo in the instructions with what he was assembling. He should also turn the instruction sheet toward the camera so the viewer can reference better. He suggests using the wax yet many times he doesn’t use wax on the parts. Overall a very frustrating video to watch.

  • Philip Ong
    Philip Ong

    Hi Demitri my name is Philip Ong I am trying to assemble the u gear 20 minute timer but i am lacking a piece of number 40 and I’ve finished my timer and for some reason it will not move need help

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