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UGears Models Overview

UGears Models Overview

We are excited to announce two new UGears Mechanical Models coming in early March!

Fire Truck with Ladder 

The Rescue Ladder works like in a real Fire Truck Ladder. The Ladder is put forward, the foot is turned. Ascend the ladder and you’ll get a real crane with hook.


Truck with Tanker

The Tanker is equipped with the unique opening mechanism. The tanker is designed and fit well for standard 0.33 L (12 oz.) cans.



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  • Dmitriy Zverev
Comments 9
  • John Haldeman
    John Haldeman

    Hi Dmitry

    Not to put too fine a point on this, but the “new models” you mention (Fire Truck with Ladder and Truck with Tanker) are not really new models at all. They are the “add on” truck variations that have been available for some time. I am an enthusiast of ugears models but am frustrated waiting for truly new models to show up. I appreciate ugears commitment to quality. I wish our ugears friends in the Ukraine all the best. I am anxiously waiting for actual new products, not old models with new stuff.

  • Dmitriy

    Hi John,

    UGears is constantly working on new designs. There are about 8 models that are due to be released this year and approximately 200 on the design table for the future releases. Due to complexity of the models and to make sure customers receive the best quality, the designs go through multiple prototypes before being released into the public.
    They have already released two models this year – Fire Truck with Ladder and Truck with Tanker picture above. And there are definitely will be more.


  • John Haldeman
    John Haldeman

    Lack if new products is disappointing. Is Ugears in Ukraine experiencing problems?

  • Michael Dittus •.•
    Michael Dittus •.•

    Some military items would be cool(jets tanks mabey a humvee helicopter or even a aircraft carrier)

  • Dmitriy

    Hi Michael,

    Both of the models are available as of mid-March:

    Truck with Fire Ladder –
    Truck with Tanker –


  • Michael Dittus •.•
    Michael Dittus •.•

    It’s April and I don’t see these I’m very disappointed

  • Johnny O'Neal
    Johnny O'Neal

    I would like to see you make some Military items. Helicopters, Tanks etc.

  • Jerry Hofmann
    Jerry Hofmann

    Teenage grand kids (3) will love these for Christmas

  • Alissa Apel
    Alissa Apel

    These sets are really amazing! My kids love building things. I like that your sets are so different!

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