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No, we didn't forget about you and Yes, we are ready to share!

May we just say that we are beyond excited to tell you all about the newest additions to the Ugears line? From 20 minutes assembly to eight hours, these models are a fantastic way to fill the time and challenge the brain!

Cash Register

Cash Register

This mechanical bank is designed as a vintage cash register to keep your finances safe. Just like its real-life thing, the model has coin and notes boxes. And for extra protection, this cash register comes with a code lock. Update your code however you like using the code mechanism!

The cash bank accepts most coin sizes circulating in the world. It also comes equipped with a counter and an automatic coin detector. The operation modes switch depending on whether there is a coin in a coin slot or not.

If you need to put a coin in the cashbox, put it in a slot, lift-lower the lever, and see it disappear inside the box.

When it comes to storing notes, this Cash Register provides an automatic bill acceptor. Wind up the rubber-band motor by pulling the lever up and down several times.

The Research Vessel

The Research Vessel

Inspired by classic scientific documentaries and biographies of outstanding marine explorers, the Research Vessel is a beautiful model of large modern icebreakers.

The model is equipped with a swing jib crane to manage cargo and hoist out the bathyscaphe. Use the crane to pull the bathyscaphe out of the depths and secure it on a special extension platform.

The model has three movement modes – forward, turn, and automatic maneuvering. The modes are controlled with a lever you can switch manually.

Motorcycle Scrambler
UGR-10 with Sidecar

Motorcycle with sidecar

Hit the road with your new adventure companion – the fast and enduring Scrambler UGR-10 Motor Bike with sidecar!

The Scrambler is based on a dual-sport motorcycle prototype, a vehicle designed to travel both slick asphalt highways and heavy-going roads or go full Dirty Tracker mode.

Original dual-sport bikes come from a family of so-called “scramblers” – lightweight city motorcycles initially produced by Triumph and BSA back in the 50s of the 20th century. 

Mini Buggy

Mini Buggy

Know of anyone looking to try Ugears for the first time? Tell them about the Mini Buggy! Only 80 parts and twenty minutes later this buggy will be ready to hit the road! 

While the front wheels make your Buggy maneuverable, the back, driving, wheels also provide stability. The rear wheels are larger and have rubber-band tires that ensure better surface traction and a smoother ride.

STEAM LAB Curvimeter

UGears Wooden Mechanical Model STEM Lab Curvimeter

Looking for another STEM challenge for your kids? You got it! The Curvimeter (or opisometer)  is a device that measures the length of curved lines and helps to calculate the distance between the points on a map more precisely than a ruler or a compass.

This tool is commonly used by map-makers, tourists, and road services. Your model would also make an incredible conversational topic.

And with the help of the Augmented Reality app, you will be able to see firsthand how the curvimeter is used and even interact with it!

Nativity Scene

Nativity Scene

While many of us cannot wait for this year to end, keep in mind that before that happens, we have a holiday season to get ready for! And can you think of a better stocking stuffer? 

The Nativity Scene model is not big - only 6 x 5, but it only takes an hour to assemble and it is simple enough for anyone to put together.

Being a fine piece of a traditional Christmas decor, the model nevertheless has a basic gear mechanism that animates certain elements of the set. To start the mechanism, manually rotate any of the interconnected gears that you will see on the sides and on the top of the model. This will make the star on the roof of the barn move while at the same time rotating the gears with carved designs and animating the background of the scene. 

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